ICECOOL World Championship

First ever ICECOOL World Championship will take place at BaltiCon 2018 on November 24th (10:00–14:00) in Riga, the hometown of ICECOOL designers.

Throughout 2018 about 250 tournaments took place all over the world to find out the best penguin flickers who will compete for the World Champion title. The main prize is an extreme weekend getaway for two persons to the ice and snow paradise Snow Village in Lapland, Finland.

13 countries will be represented in the World Championship:

Austria, Canada (North America winner), Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, the United Kingdom

The Trip to Snow Village* includes:

  • Plane tickets to Finland (including connecting flights)
  • Weekend stay in Snow Village: one night in Ice Suite Room and another in Teepee Cabin
  • Exciting activities: ice sculpting course, reindeer safari, fishing experience by Snowmobiles
  • Exquisite meals: 3-course dinner at Ice restaurant and a dinner at Log restaurant

* To be used in January 2019