The main event of this year’s festival will be the ICECOOL World Championship. It will bring together participants from all over the world who will compete for a truly impressive prize — an exciting trip to Finland, including an overnight stay in an ice hotel, reindeer safaris, ice sculptures and snowmobile rides. The festival will also host Pandemic, Klask and other tournaments that will be announced later.

You can sign up for all the tournaments at the corresponding table before the start. All the rules and mechanics will be available at the spot.


10:00-14:00 ICECOOL World Championship* (Gaming area)
15:30–17:00 Pandemic Tournament (Gaming area)
16:00–21:00 A Game of Thrones Intro Tournament (Collectible Games room)

10:00–18:00 Kurland Woodcake Spelling Bee** (Exhibition)


11:00–14:00 Planet tournament (Gaming Area)
13:00–17:00 Star Wars Destiny Sealed tournament (Collectible Games Room)
13:00–15:00 6th Takes! tournament (Gaming Area)
14:30–16:30 Klask tournament (Gaming Area)

10:00–17:00 Kurland Woodcake Spelling Bee** (Exhibition Hall)

* ICECOOL World Championship is only available for viewing.
** Spelling bee will be hosted in Latvian only.